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Rive Adult Yoga is suitable for all levels. This class combines Hatha Yoga postures, natural breathing and flowing movement patterns.   

Rive Pregnancy Yoga is a gentle class to keep the mum to be feeling strong, flexible and restored.  Doctor clearance to do this class is required. 

Rive Teen Yoga is suitable for teenagers ages 12-18 who would like to improve strength and flexibility and decrease stress and anxiety 

This massage is a well known effective way to treat tight muscles. Massage is used to loosen layers of tissue and muscle that can tighten due to injury, sports, or chronic pains in the back or neck which can restrict movement.

Prenatal Massage has a host of benefits for the mom to be! This massage can help ease the discomforts of back pain, joint pain or cramps. Doctor clearance is needed. Please contact me for any additional queries or questions.

A Holistic Massage is the ultimate remedy for relaxation. Slight pressure is used to massage and stimulate tight muscles all over the body. This can help with headaches, tightness, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and boost your energy levels

About Rive

Rive Yoga & Massage Therapies started by Carolyn Rea combines over 18 years of experience in anatomy, physiology and exercise & health. A passion for learning & teaching is the driving force behind what Rive believes in.

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